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Emil Mitry

UX Designer – AI Designer – UX Architect
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UX Digital Pioneers

Design strategies, User stories
I quickly evolving interactive thinking from User journey, story board, persona's, & workflow diagram. A focus on digital design, marketing and branding. I offer individual solutions for different user problems. Lead product discovery initiatives with prototyping, focus groups, & user research. Coach, mentor, lead, and provide career guidance and development for a group of UX professionals.

Show Cases

Mazda 2013

Voice , Console, Touch Screen
Informational Head Unit "IHU" Interactive Flow Diagram fro Entertainment/ Panadora App April 2012
GE Oil & Gas E Commerce

GE Oil & Gas

E Commerce Site

Predictive Analytics

Drilling Dashboard
Drilling prototype

Drilling Mobile App

Drilling App

Stule Guide

Mobile App

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Best Gear for Coastal Areas

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Brand new Travel Locations

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Most Wanted UX Vision

Making Users feel lazy buy providing easy UX Design so they can finish there tasks with no frustration, and get more time fo extra break.
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